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Restoring the balance between animal and vegetal protein

We are in the business of ready-to-market plant-based food concepts with high brand equity potential 

Welcome to our website. Let's start by saying that Innogusto is more than a food concept agency. What sets us apart is our approach where R&D, branding and business development are all holistically integrated in ready-to-market concepts. Our focus is retail, food service and industry.

Our mission is straightforward. We make plant-based food more attractive to everyone — buyers and eaters alike. We don't want people to just buy our products, we want people to love them. Not because it is plant-based, but because it is delicious. Moreover, we transform plant-based food innovation in market-attractive food concepts.

We don't do this alone. We team up with partners throughout the entire value chain. From suppliers of raw materials to distribution partners. We believe we can only conquer the hearts of consumers when the entire value chain is aligned in delivering the appropriate values. 

Are you a future partner of Innogusto? Let us know.

Innogusto developed a line of plant-based ragouts, stews a sauces, true to the Italian gastronomy

Discover our three focus points 

We are committed to taking meat, fish and dairy alternatives a step further. We develop plant-based food concepts where the absence of meat, fish or dairy is a non-issue, and the choice for a plant-based variant is a no-brainer. This is why we give special attention to the sensorial aspect, health and sustainability. We focus on three factors that define our business model.

The first is branding. We always start with the desired customer/brand experience to define the type of product that can deliver such an experience. This is followed by R&D, where we look for ingredients and processes that can contribute to a  product that can meet this customer experience. Finally, we engage in business development, looking for the right market(s), producers, and distributors. Not always in this order, though these three focus points are always involved. 

Innogusto developed a  line of plant-based patés and foie gras alternatives created to please every palate 

Let's talk about branding

At Innogusto, branding means converting values into value. Simple in definition, yet challenging in execution. Thanks to our proprietary branding methodology, Biotic Brand Cultivation™, cultivating brands is process-based and complemented with proprietary dedicated tools.

Thanks to our Customers Acceptance Scan™ (CAS), we can quickly gain insight into the probability of potential customers embracing a new concept. 

Our branding includes brand naming and brand logo design.

A line of plant-based ready-to-eat clean-label fish alternatives 

R&D the way we see it

In recent years, Innogusto has designed proprietary R&D methods for developing food concepts. The result is two key instruments. The first is the Repeat Purchase Equation™, and the second is the Holistic Ingredient Scoring System™.

The Repeat Purchase Equation™ outlines three critical success factors for generating repeat purchases. Additionally, it defines each critical success factor to make the equation practical in its application.

Our Holistic Ingredient Scoring System™ is a method to ascertain the added value of an ingredient throughout the entire value chain.

Brands cultivated by Innogusto

Innogusto Poie Gras bord met stokbrood.png

POIE GRAS® by Innogusto

Business development as the pivotal point

We go beyond developing concepts. Our brands with associated product range are ready-to-market.  To achieve this, we target the right market for our concepts based on the benefits we bring to that market. A food concept may be successful in retail, but may not be necessarily successful in food service.

Innogusto inquires which concepts match with which market and then partners with distributors who can supply to the respective customers. 

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