GastroNoMeat® offers a number of practical benefits for restaurateurs and caterers that fully meet their needs, but also follows the current trend in the market of vegetarian and vegan dishes.



In a restaurant or canteen, a traditional ragù alla Bolognese based on meat will only be ordered by meat lovers. Vegetarians, vegans or flexitarians who opt for a meat-free meal will not order pasta with meat ragù. 


In the case of GastroNoMeat®, the demand for pasta with ragù will only increase, because it fits everyone.



A ragù is a very useful product for catering. With one single GastroNoMeat® ragù you can vary endlessly. You can integrate our ragus in a lasagne, tortellini, cannelloni, ravioli, arancini and more.


In addition to the Ragù and Sugo alla Bolognese, we also offer other ragùs with original flavours. These can be combined with potatoes, rice, or in a wrap.


Thanks to this variation, vegetarian food never gets boring. GastroNoMeat® takes its inspiration from regions that are known for their honest and simple cuisine with a rich taste.



Not only are the GastroNoMeat® ragus tasty and accessible to vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians, but they will be popular among hardcore meat eaters as well. Because most of our ragùs are vegan, they are also accessible to people who do not eat meat because of their beliefs.


Thanks to GastroNoMeat® you can serve all your customers — worry-free. Easy, isn't it?

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