Innogusto in short

Innogusto is a company of the Procreatos group lead by the entrepreneurial couple Mattèo Piano and Carola Piano-Willemse. At Innogusto, we first define the brand. Then, we develop products and select our production partners to match our chosen values.  

This approach ensures that all our products deliver an unexchangeable brand experience. 


At Innogusto, we focus on food from a nutritional, cultural and social point of view. Growingdale develops all branding for Innogusto products.  

What drives us

We want to win people over to eat more sustainable and healthy products, by making these more appealing.


We believe that food should keep the body in good shape. Food should not only provide macro-nutrients but also micro-nutrients to make the human body more resilient.


We believe that the earth is entrusted to us as stewards. Not only for ourselves, but also for generations to come. Our care for the creation is our expression of respect for the Creator.


We choose not to market products or to partner with companies that cause unnecessary suffering to people, animals or the planet. We believe in a culture that respects creation. 


We believe that when people love the taste of our products, we need little effort to persuade them about intrinsic ethical and ecological values. 


We believe that healthy and sustainable food should be within reach of everyone. We want to offer solutions that are affordable, easy to prepare and widely available.


Tradition in gastronomy is great; it is our heritage. However, every tradition started as an innovation. We believe in respecting tradition with a creative mindset.

Innogusto B.V.

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