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Our meal components are created with premium ingredients and taste-preserving cooking and packaging methods. We stay away from artificial flavours. The result is a range of products that excel in taste. Our meal components can be used as such, but still can be additionally flavoured according to the chef's taste, e.g. more creamy or a little spicy. When starting with an excellent ready-to-serve product, the pure and premium ingredients allow creativity on the chef's part.


designed for the professionals

GastroNoMeat® was specially created for the foodservice and home delivery market. GastroNoMeat® meal components deliver maximum convenience with maximum taste. We offer a diversity of meal components with meat alternatives that are each versatile in use. With one meal component, a chef can create multiple dishes. Something the foodservice market will certainly appreciate.  

GastroNoMeat® products come in 250g to 10Kg packaging — cooled, frozen or ambient.

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