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Who says plant-based cannot be gourmet?

Who are we?

We are passionate about creating attractive plant-based food concepts. We see no reason why food containing meat, fish or dairy analogues should not taste delicious.


Our drive is to make the shift from meat, fish or dairy to less or no meat, fish or dairy, seamless. That is why we focus on the organoleptisch customer experience. We blend food innovation with our own inventiveness to create products and brands of the future. What makes us unique is that we develop the brand together with our food concepts.


We can't do this alone. We look for partnerships throughout the entire value chain. From raw materials to distribution partners. We believe that we only can conquer the hearts of customers when the entire value chain is aligned in transmitting the desired values.

If you like to work with us, just send us a note to info@innogusto.com 

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Some of our brands

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RESTOPIA® transforms familiar dishes into plant-based versions whilst delivering maximal sensorial culinary customer experience. Our aim is to make the shift to analogue meat, fish or dairy, seamless 



RESTOPIA® Professional is specially created for the foodservice market. It offers the union between restaurant quality and practicality. More than just a range of products, RESTOPIA® Professional offers a range

of holistic solutions.

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GastroNoMeat® is what it says it is. Gastronomic meal components where we replace meat, fish or dairy, with plant-based alternatives though keeping the familiar flavours. Inspired by tradition, driven by innovation.

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With Taemòn, which is 'no meat' written backwards, we introduce gourmet plant-based analogue meat and fish concepts. Inspired by the classical versions, though with their own taste and character.

Why Innogusto?

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3 critical success factors that drive our concepts

Read about the three critical success factors that drive our ideas, R&D and business development. We believe that these factors are pivotal to induce balanced plant-based vs. animal protein consumption that people embrace as an evolution in their dietary habits. 

When we meet these three critical success factors, repeat purchase will occur and a dietary pattern on the basis of repetition will find its natural course.

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Food has to be organoleptically pleasant in order for people to appreciate new food concepts. When a plant-based food concept is tasty, less persuasiveness is needed for a shift from animal-based to plant-based. Health and sustainability then become a bonus. 


At Innogusto, everything starts with a tasty food product. We ensure that our vegan and vegetarian products are familiar in taste and are not inferior to their meat or fish variant - quite the contrary.




When a food product is not only tasty but also accessible in the broadest sense of the word, it becomes popular. A brand must make its customers' life easier, not harder.


At Innogusto, we make choices to make our products affordable, available and easy to prepare.



Even when a product is tasty and accessible, the lack of variety will bore after a while.


To counter this, Innogusto develops a diverse range of meal-components, marked by versatility. They can be combined in various ways, offering everyone a variety of tasty meals. This way, a dietary pattern can be adjusted and easily altered.

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At Innogusto, we first define the brand and the brand/customer experience we want to deliver.


Then, we develop products and select our production partners to match our chosen values. (read these values on the right)


This approach ensures that our

products become less exchangeable, loaded with value.