The critical success factors for a successful

protein transition

GNMT Critical Success Factors-01.png


Regarding customer satisfaction, taste is paramount. If someone dislikes a product, then that’s the end of it. Upholding the ‘vega(n)’ argument is a weak excuse to defend an inferior taste. When a product is tasty, less persuasiveness is needed for a switch.


At Innogusto, everything starts with a tasty product. We ensure that our vegan and vegetarian products are familiar in taste and are not inferior to their meat variant - quite the contrary.



When a food product is not only tasty but also accessible, it becomes popular with the general public. A brand must make life easier for its customers, not harder.


At Innogusto, we ensure that in our R&D, we make choices that help our products are affordable, available and easy to prepare.



Even when a product is tasty or accessible, the lack of variety will bore after a while.


To counter this, Innogusto develops a diverse range of meal-components, marked by versatility. You can combine them in various ways, offering your customers a variety of tasty meals. This way, consumers can adjust their dietary pattern easily.

Repetitive purchase


Customers will increasingly opt for dishes and meals with meat alternatives and will adjust their eating 

habit accordingly.