GastroNoMeat® culinary dishes consist of various ingredients that together deliver the GastroNoMeat®

experience. Understanding which meat alternatives harmonise the best with the rest of the ingredients is crucial. 

Choosing the right supplier for each component is vital to obtain the desired customer experience and to bring to life our GastroNoMeat® values.


Read why we chose our partners and get to know them. 

Meat substitutes

Schouten Europe

For the meat substitutes, we were looking for a company that could provide with us with a high-quality product with high nutritional value. Replacing meat is one thing, delivering on the nutritional values similar to meat is another. With Schouten Europe , we found a partner with high-quality standards and with a sense of social responsibility. Schouten Europe is a member of Round Table on Responsible Soy and Palm Oil (RTRS).


Their endeavour to work as much as possible with certified partners was for us the demonstration of what they stand for. If this isn’t possible, they work together to ensure that their partners are ready to conform to a quality standard such as BRC or IFS. They will only join forces with a production partner if they’re actively working towards certification.


The direct link with their sister company Nutrilab B.V. (an independent commercial laboratory) allows them to quickly and efficiently organise the following examinations:


Nutrilab B.V. meat substitutes checks:

  • Research into allergens

  • Chemical-analytical research

  • Physical analysis

  • Microbiological analysis

  • Microscopic analysis

  • NIR analysis


Pasta Pura

For the ragùs, we were looking for a company that understood the Italian way of preparing ragùs. That a ragú is not a sauce, but a stew. Understanding its taste, consistency and bite — a company that would not refrain from experimenting with mince meat substitute and bring our recipes to a commercial level. 


The choice for Pasta Pura was spot on. The fact that Pasta Pura's CEO has a chef background convinced us even more. Taste plays a cardinal role in the GastroNoMeat dishes.


With Pasta Pura we had a company that lived by the rule of taste. To prove this, Pasta Pura makes their own vegan proper broth to produce our ragùs. They don't use ready-to-use industrial broth.

Vegetarian hard cheese

Brazzale - Gran Moravia

You cannot imagine an Italian pasta dish without grated hard cheese. For us to offer an entirely vegetarian meal, we had one challenge. Italian hard cheeses like the Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano are not vegetarian. What most people don't know is that the vast majority of cheeses are not vegetarian. This is because the rennet for making cheese is a byproduct of the butchery. Accompanying our dishes with a non-vegetarian dish would conflict with what GastroNoMeat stands for. 


We scouted for an Italian cheese maker that could deliver a vegetarian hard cheese with a taste close to the Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano. We are proud to partner with Brazzale who produces one of the few vegetarian hard cheeses in the world. By vegetarian hard cheese, we mean a cheese made from milk - not nuts.


What delighted us even more, after inquiry, is that Brazzale is the oldest uninterrupted family-owned cheese making company in Italy. Their origins date back to 1784. Another aspect that impressed us is their passionate policy to produce an Eco-friendly and sustainable cheese. Gran Moravia is the first cheese in the world to have calculated its ecological footprint and water consumption. They are proud holders of the ISO 22005:2008 certificate. 


Gran Moravia cheese is made of a select choice of milk in Moravia, the wonderful agricultural region located in the Czech Republic, between Wien and Prague. All milk and every phase of the production is traceable. Brazzale even has a traceability app for consumers. 

Innogusto B.V.

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