GastroNoMeat® is characterized by a number of properties which resonate with the motives of consumers to consciously opt for less meat in their daily diet.



GastroNoMeat® fully meets the growing need for people to eat less meat. That is in itself healthy, but the beauty of GastroNoMeat® is that nobody will miss the meat.


The raw materials we process are of superior quality.

As a result, every GastroNoMeat® product has a high nutritional value. Our vegan minced meat is enriched with B12 and iron. No empty calories, but more than enough macro and micronutrients.


Our products contain no added sugars, no synthetic fragrances, colours or flavours and no preservatives that can damage or weaken our consumers' health.



When people eat GastroNoMeat® products, they know that no animals have been killed. We also do not use raw materials that are by-products of animal slaughter. One can enjoy GastroNoMeat® with a clear conscience.


The soy of the meat substitutes used is also GMO-free.

We believe that nature is perfect as it is and that GMOs only are meant to increase production disproportionately.


GMO plants are less resistant and require more pesticides. This makes farmers dependent on large organic companies. We do not participate in that. That is why we consciously and rigorously choose not to use GMO raw materials in our products.



GastroNoMeat® products have an ecological footprint that is many times lower than meat based foods. According to Blonk Consultants' final report on the environmental effects of meat and meat substitutes (report 3-8-2017 Dutch), our vegan minced meat (GoodBite) has a CO2 emission that is 4.5 times lower than half-to-half meat minced meat.


With regard to land and water consumption, our vegan minced meat scores 4 to 5 times better than half-to-half minced meat.

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